The Ball Theory

Donny was a buddy of mine who’d been married to his wife Pat for almost 3 years. When Donny first told me that he was getting married, I swear I almost went into shock. “Not Donny the lady killer,” I laughed. But yes it was true. Pat was a very attractive brunette with long legs and a petite figure. She was drawn to Donny’s bad boy ways and his take charge attitude. Donny use to always brag about their incredibly wild sex life and I was really happy for them both. Continue reading below…


… continued

But after Donny got married to Pat, I noticed that he was hanging with the guys less and less. He also traded in his Harley bike for a mini-van and quit working out at the gym. On one very rare occasion he and his lovely wife invited me to their house for dinner. Pat was really short-tempered and snappy with Donny, and he let her get away with it. This once hard-core friend of mine was now a timid little pussy, and it made me sick to my stomach to watch him go out like that. About three months later, Donny came to me in tears and told me that Pat had left him for another guy. I sighed, handed Donny a beer, then sat and talked all night. Donny told me how great things were in the beginning of their relationship but over time they began to argue more and more over stupid insignificant shit like “Donny leaving the toilet seat up.” 

Donny gets screwed

Eventually Donny got tired of fighting Pat. He just figured that he could avoid a lot of headaches and confrontations if he simply did what Pat told him to do (wrong move). This very traditional way of thinking is why Donny had sold his bike and changed his entire manly lifestyle. Pat began to ration the wild and plentiful sex until it became almost non-existent as well as boring. On those very rare occasions that she did give him sex, Donny felt like she did it completely out of pity (and she did). And after all the drama that Pat put Donny through, she still dumped his ass and ran off with another guy. Poor Donny was a text book victim of what I call “The Ball Theory.” 

It’s about big balls

Did you know that in the Animal Kingdom, whenever a female looks for a mate, she looks for an Alpha Male (the strongest, smartest, and most capable male) that can protect, hunt and provide for her and her offspring. In other words she wants the male with “Big Balls.”It is vital to their survival that the dominant male that she chooses doesn’t get weak, old, or show any such warning sign. So instinctively, the female will periodically challenge the male just to see if he’ll stand up to her (she tries to take his Balls). How well the male performs on these “Ball tests” will determine the quality of the relationship. And In the event that the male begins to lose his Alpha Male qualities, the female will dump him for a more capable Alpha Male (survival of the fittest). “You can’t compare animal behavior to humans,” I’m sure many of you are thinking at this moment. But let’s not forget that we human beings are also part of the Animal Kingdom. And even though we are at the top of the food chain we are still just horny little neurotic animals.

Lets go over this again

So let’s take a moment to recap on this Ball Theory concept. Most heterosexual females are instinctively attracted to the Alpha Male (a guy with big Balls), capable of protecting and providing for her and her family. Once she gets hands on that Alpha Male she is ecstatic, and the sex is hot and plentiful. But instinctively she’ll begin to test him to see if she can take his Balls away from him. “It’s a power struggle to see who will be the leader.” And if her man is truly an real Alpha Male she will not be able to take his Balls. But if he is not a true Alpha Male, then she will succeed in taking his undeserving Balls. The following is a perfect example of how a female can go from being a loving mate – to becoming a total Ball snatching bitch. The process begins very subtly and if the man allows, it will continue to escalate until she has taken complete and total control of the relationship and his masculinity. * Pay attention to how sweet the woman is in the first months of the relationship. But over time she loses more & more respect.

The Neutering Process:

Month #1… “You’re the kind of guy that I’ve always wanted… you’re perfect!”
onth #2… I love having sex with you and I respect your independence”
Month #3… “You better be home on time!”
Month #4…
“When we go out tonight shut the hell up and try not to get on my damn nerves!”
Month #5…
“I have a headache, so stop begging me for sex and take out the garbage moron!”

WTF happened?

One day Donny woke up and was in month #5. He was completely baffled as to how his role in the relationship had sunk to this level of degradation. Donny had officially lost his Balls and was a coward whom his wife had no respect for. Once Pat had completely taken Donny’s Balls, she subconsciously began looking for other men with Balls. It was only just a matter of time before she found Mr. Good Balls, screwed him and then ran off with him. Ironically, she will continue to repeat this same ritual with her new Alpha Male. It is simply just her female nature. But let me warn you though… not all women will run off with the other guy. Some girls will stay with you while they treat you like total crap and screw other guys on the side (a matter of convenience). And then there are those that will take your Balls and treat you like crap – yet never try to have an affair with another guy (although they would love to).  To learn how to keep your balls and get the respect you deserve buy my E-book below!



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The Ball Theory