No More Contact

Now before we go any further it’s extremely crucial that you avoid all contact with the woman that dumped you. Right now you’re in a desperate, vulnerable and “prone to do real dumb shit that you’ll regret later” state of mind. The only exception would be if there are kids involved. If so, keep spending time with them but without their mother being around. So remember…
√ No phone calls!
√ No stopping by her house!
√ No stalking her!
√ No contact with her at all!

Don’t play yourself

The more contact that you have with your ex, the more it increases the odds of you whining, begging, or crying like a little bitch. And if that happens she’ll lose even more respect for you and will be reminded of why she dumped your pathetic ass in the first place. So regardless of all of the resentment and anger you are currently experiencing , just drink a tall glass of “shut the hell up” and keep it to yourself.  


News flash: Once a woman loses respect for a man she will also lose the ability to distinguish him from a hot and steamy pile of dog-shit – and she will treat him as such. If you don’t harass her, she might actually gain a degree of respect for you and might even come back around. But if she does come back around DON’T take her back! This is one of those situations where if you sacrifice and remain strong now it’ll pay off later. But if you get weak and give in, you will regret It. Trust me, I am speaking from first-hand experience when I say that.


Back in my drinking days I was living with a girlfriend named Lynn. I quickly grew convinced that Lynn was on a literally on a mission for Satan to make my fucking life a living Hell. She was constantly bitching and complaining about stupid, insignificant shit. So of course we fought like cats and dogs. But one day, after many previously failed attempts, I finally managed to escape her evil hold on me, and I miraculously found the Balls to actually dump her ass and move out.

I played myself

But it wasn’t long before Lynn came back around pawing and sniffing at my door like the Hound from Hell that she was. I told myself to remain strong and not give in. But Lynn took advantage of my one true weakness, and it wasn’t kryptonite (I can’t fucking resist a great blowjob). So one really dumb ass thing led to another and we had unprotected “ex-sex.” 3 months later, Lynn gloatingly confessed that she was pregnant with my twins. I would regret having that ex-sex for the rest of my entire life. And it’s a textbook example of what happens when we guys think with our Dicks. *Just for the record my regret was towards Lynn, not the children. To find out what happened with that, check out my next book (plug). 



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No More Contact
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