Anthony Clark was born and raised on the mean streets of Brooklyn New York and never expected to live to see his 18 birthday. Against all odds, he managed to escape and moved 3,000 miles away to Fresno California to play basketball and attend college. While attending school Anthony married his college girlfriend who confessed that she was pregnant with his twin boys.

Three years after the twins were born Anthony discovered that he was not their biological father and he left the marriage brokenhearted and disillusioned. He embarked on a lifetime quest to master spirituality and find his romantic soul mate. As he mastered these skills in his own life, he began teaching others how to master them as well and began life coaching. He eventually met Melanie and he immediately fell in love with her.

Together they both figured out the secrets to creating an amazing lifestyle and they have been happily married & madly in love for 25 yrs. Anthony has fathered a daughter with Melanie, they raised 2 of her children, and have transformed thousands of lives as life & love coaches.



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