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The Game Dr has taken the dating & relationship game to a new level. He exposes the humorous dark side of relationships and explains what really makes men fail or succeed with women. He is a former gigolo and has seduced hundreds of beautiful females. He has taught thousands of men the secrets to getting all the sex, love and respect they want from the opposite sex – regardless of age, looks or income. This E-book will inspire you to reclaim your Balls and become a guy women can’t resist. It is an hilarious, no BS, 196 page read that you wont be able to put down. Recommended for all guys, married or single. It also teaches women how men really think.


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Anthony Clark “The Game Dr.”

I’m Anthony Clark “The Game Dr.” Read my story and discover how I went from being a guy that women disrespected and ignored to becoming a guy that woman couldn’t resist.

30 years ago I went on a personal mission to learn everything I could about women. Up until that point, like most men, everything I knew about women I learned from traditional relationship advisors, friends, family and of course television. And like other men I still had a hard time getting dates and sex, let alone trying to maintain a relationship without getting cheated on or constantly treated like shit. Within a few years I personally created truly groundbreaking, easy to use techniques that enabled me to seduce almost any women I wanted – and they ability to make women fall in love with me almost on demand. Those techniques and tons more are in my E-book.  Get your copy now!

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